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This Is Us

This Is Us


My grandfather Georg Högel, born on October 16, 1919, first learned the trade of a typesetter, then joined the navy and was deployed as a radio operator on submarines during the Second World War.

He spent five years in English captivity, mostly in a logging camp in Canada, where he already lived out his passion for drawing and painting with whatever came to mind.

Back home, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and earned his living as a scientific draftsman at the forestry faculty of the University of Munich.


In the course of his life he filled more than 100 sketchbooks and produced more than 2000 paintings, which my father, as an only child, inherited after his death. Although there was interest in his works, my grandfather, was rarely persuaded to sell them. He didn't care about the money.

As one of four grandchildren and the only descendant with a interest in art, I made it my mission to make my grandfather's work accessible to the public. Unfortunately, I was only 14 years old when my grandfather died on March 27, 2014, after a long illness.


After graduating from a technical college, I began to view, sort, and archive his works. I learned more about him and learned more from him than I ever could as a child.

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