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The environment is very important to me (Katharina). That is why I try to use sustainable and environmentally friendly variants in everything, as good as possible. This starts with the prints and ends with the labels.  

As a small company, however, I, unfortunately, have to have my products made by third 

parties. They have to meet some standards so that I even consider them. They must be based in Germany. (The only exception here is the production of my business cards, whose company location is in the UK.)Production should produce as little CO2 as possible. Of course, this is not always possible, but often the customeris offered to compensate for the CO2 emissions. If that is offered, then I will take advantage of it. Their materials should be made of either renewable, recycled, compostable, or biological material. Shipping to me should of course also be as environmentally friendly as possible, if I am offered the shipping option for an environmentally friendly way, then I choose it. 


Of course, quality comes first in production. Nevertheless, the environment is not ignored here. The papers used for reproductions all have a sustainability certificate. The paper for prints is made of 100% cotton. Postcards are printed on certified eco/natural paper. (More information can be found on the individual products in the shop.) Printing uses solvent-free paint. I also have as little stock as possible to avoid throwing away products. This is not, of course, the most environmentally friendly option, as it is possible that it willrequire more frequent ordering. I will meet the demand. Hopefully, I can also produce on order in the future, then I can bypass overproduction completely. 


I would prefer to do without packaging altogether, but art messes with my plans. Unfortunately, the risk of a print getting destroyed when being shipped without packaging is too high. Whatever it may be, water that smears the pressure, a simple kink, or something sticks to it. None of these are nice ideas. In order to avoid this, I had to decide on plastic packaging in the end. After long research, I found a company that has a sustainable option. Plastic sleeves made of bioplastic. With the promise that they are both compostable and marine-degradable. 

If you want more information click here.



The shipping packs are all made of cardboard and paper (compostable and made of renewable or recycled materials). 


For more information on shipping click here.


I am always on the way to improve my products, packaging, and shipping. Some things 

need more time and experience. Some things are likely to change in the future. 


If you have tips for improvements, have a question, or would like to comment, you can either send us an email to or use our contact form

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